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Silph is not dead

Silph, Nov 29, 12 8:38 AM.
Hey guys. 

I wanted to stop by and say hi, let everyone know whats going on and give some of you a heads up...

I know it has been a while since I wrote or talked to any of you and even longer since I have played WoW.  It was a hard decision, but all for the better.  In time, you will all get to the point where WoW has gotten too addicting.  You either crash through it, or give it up and take some time to rejuvenate. 

I took another approach.  I have played wow since it was just Warcraft and have learned alot of what I like and don't like about the game.  So, I did what have been contemplating for far too long.  I gathered a group of people together, who had similar experiences and a vast knowledge of various programming, 3d modeling, 2d graphics and a plethora of other skill sets, to start a game company.  Don't get too excited, this is an eighteen month project at the moment, but will produce one of the best gaming interfaces and graphics engines I have encountered to date.  As it stands, our basic game design revolves around multi race/multi faction/multi combat scenarios, based on a galactic level.  Add in the optional flight simulation type combat, first person shooter or multi-player hand to hand battles and quite a few story lines to go with each of the beginning twelve playable races, factions and various class types, it has been alot of work thus far.  Weather you want to become a Space Combat Pilot, Privateer, Pirate, Invader, Drop Planet Combatant, Free Trader, Investor, Explorer, Tech or Bounty Hunter, there is something for everyone.  The additions will continue to grow as testing is started and game balance stabilized, but thats what is on the table at the moment. 

I think we took the best ideas of WoW, SW, Diablo, Covert Ops, Wing Commander, Halo and a few others, picked them apart and found what people like the best out of each and started building a Galactic War game around those ideas.  The hardest part is not using copyright material and beginning from scratch, but it is so worth it.  As things progress, I will keep anyone who is interested in what's happening, in the loop.  Just let me know.  When an official Name is accepted, I will post the webpage here aswell, so you can check up on progress, see some down loads, previews and such. 

Anyway, thats whats happening in Silph Land (as Ash has coined).  Any comments, requests or just want to catch up, drop me a line at my hotmail addy.


Talent Tree Help

Silph, Aug 29, 12 7:42 AM.
Hey guys

If anyone is having a tough time with the new Talent Tree builds, I suggest checking out this page GotWarcraft helped a ton for Beta testing and will be valuable for MoP live.  If anyone is having trouble with the Service Pack/Patch DL, let me know...there are some issues that can be fixed easily.  Any and all questions are accepted and answered, so hit me up.



Two sites to get your feet wet in are: Wowhead and WoW Addons. Both sites are jam packed with vital information and can help you get a leg up, into the new expansion.

More Raid Guids (FireLands)

Silph, Jun 5, 12 7:24 AM.
I am currently building an extensive guide to the Firelands 10-man-normal Raid.  Over the next few days, I will be adding more Boss's and class responsibilities on how to deal with each encounter.  I figured that 10-man-normal has most of the mechanics, less huge hits and a few extra spells, so I find it is a wonderful place to start.  Not only will this guide help our guild, when and if we begin doing Cata Raid material, this guide will be a benifit to any player who finds themselves in a PUG and has never done the Raid before, or who has done the Raid and would like to know more about what is going on and how each Mob or Boss should be handled.  This is my second Cata guide and I will be adding more such Guides in the future.  As always, read through them if you like and feel free to add or comment as you see fit.


Welcome Letter

Ashlaen, Apr 16, 12 2:26 PM.
I posted our original Guild welcome letter under the Library section.  I used to send it out to each new member, but the in-game mail system makes that a very tedious and time-consuming process, so once we get larger, and people started coming and going regularly, it was too much to keep up with.

If you recruit someone, please be sure to point them to the webpage, and the Welcome Letter.



Ashlaen, Apr 15, 12 9:40 PM.
A big Thank You to Silph for getting this site up and running.  I am committed to using it from now on as I believe it is a great way to share information in instances where the game makes it very difficult or time-consuming.
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